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We sell JBK doors which combine superior design, functionality and quality. We supply both interior and exterior doors in a range of sizes. There are plenty of finishes to choose from - take our timber veneers. Whether you prefer classic veneers such as oak or Walnut or the more unusual Zebrano or Ebony, there's something to suit every taste. And if you'd rather have a painted or white primed finish, then you've come to the right place. Our stunning contemporary painted finishes and refreshing white primed doors are a treat for any home. 

Choosing the perfect door style for your home may be a daunting decision, but with the help of Smith Timber you'll find your perfect match. And don't forget, you don't have to have the same doors throughout your home. You can co - ordinate the style to different themed rooms or change your door design depending on whether it's the ground, first or second floor. 

The doors listed below are on display in our Showroom

6'6" X 2'6" 12-6VM Royale Traditional Oak Door

6'6" X 2'6" Venus Roma Oak Door

6'6" X 2'6" Thames 1 Light Oak Door

6'6" x 2'6" Montana Rushmore Oak Door

6'6" X 2'6" Brisa Mistral Oak Door 

6'6" X 2'6" Isis River Oak Modern Door

6'6" X 2'6" VP7 Royale Oak Modern Door

6'6" X 2'6" Elektra Limelight White Door

6'6" X 2'6" Lara Walnut Finish Door

6'6" X 2'6" Trent River Oak Traditional Door 

6'6" X 2'6" Cayman Calypso White Door

6'6" X 2'6" Fuji Montana Oak Door

6'6" X 2'6" Eden River Oak Traditional Door 

6'6" X 2'6" Arcos Elements Oak Door

Click on the link below to view our full range of doors.